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Make/sew catnip toys and hand them out to animal shelters
Knit newborn hats to donate to NICU
Video gaming marathon
Host a block party for your neighbors
Paint a community mural in a public area
Host an all-day neighborhood dog wash
Run, walk, or bike a 5K or 10K and raise money per mile
Bake a cake or cupcakes for first responders in your town.
Give little candies or gifts to shop assistants.
Craft custom bookmarks and place them in books in a public book shelf.
Hand out coffee / ice cream to street construction workers.
Offer police officers coffee / tea when they do a longer traffic check.
Organise a cleaning with neighbors in your neighborhood.
Bring your elderly neighbor a piece of cake and join them for interesting stories for an afternoon.
Try a new sports class with someone new.
Prepurchase a warm beverage or food for a homeless person in a local cafe.
Donate your old but still good childhood toys and books to a kindergarten close to you.
Help a local teacher with something they need desperately.
Tell Your Friends and Family how much you love them.
Send a postcard to a stranger. (Postcrossing.com)
Help an elder with their Shopping
Take dogs from an animal shelter for a walk.